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Welcome! This is the lab page for Garrett M. Dancik, PhD, Professor of Computer Science/Bioinformatics at Eastern Connecticut State University, and co-director of the Eastern Institute for Data Analytics. This page gives an overview of my teaching and research interests and serves as a portal to various software projects being developed in my lab. If you are looking for current course materials, click here. I also have an official Faculty Page, though this may not be up-to-date.


My teaching interests include foundational programming and statistical methods necessary for computer science, bioinformatics and data science. Over the past few years I have taught the courses listed below. Course material is posted on Github and can be accessed by clicking on the links. Some courses may be in progress.


For links to software including shinyGEO and the Bladder Cancer Biomarker Evaluation Tool, see the software page.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in data science as well as various aspects of bioinformatics and computational biology. My research involves applying statistical, mathematical, and computational models to answer biological questions and gain insight into biological systems. My more recent work has focused on analyzing gene expression data and identifying prognostic tumor biomarkers. For the Eastern Institute for Data Analytics (EIDA), I am developing tools to make data more accessible and analyzing data to understand public health, economic, and other issues in the state of Connecticut.

Specific research interests include

  1. the development of tools and models that increase data accessibility and provide data-driven insight into issues that impact CT
  2. the development and application of bioinformatics and computational methods for analyzing large genomic datasets with applications in personalized medicine
  3. the identification of prognostic and predictive biomarkers and driver mutations in cancer
  4. development, validation, and calibration of computational/mathematical models of biological systems
  5. development of educational tools for statistics and bioinformatics

Research opportunities for students

Join the lab! Students with a background in computer science in any programming language that are interested in bioinformatics research or data science are encouraged to contact me. I am currently developing bioinformatics tools to aid in the identification of cancer biomarkers from gene expression data, a text-mining project to organize cancer-related publications, and educational tools to help students learn R programming, data science, and bioinformatics. Please contact me if you are interested in on working on any of these projects.

Research opportunities in computer science, data science, and other areas are also available through the Eastern Institute of Data Analytics. For more information, see


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