CSC-210 Announcements

4/29/2017: Exam III Practice material posted

4/28/2017: Pong program and Chapter 7 notes posted

4/26/2017: Authoring Assistant program (from zyBook HW) posted in notes

4/22/2017: Text Editor program posted in notes

4/21/2017: The unit testing hw will no longer be count as an assignment grade. However, feel free to ask if there are any questions about it.

4/18/2017: Unit testing notes posted

4/8/2017: Chapter 6 notes posted

3/27/2017: Array assignments and Exam II Review posted

3/19/2017: Chapter 5 notes posted

3/03/2017: Poll Everywhere Questions posted in the notes section

2/15/2017: Tutoring hours updated

2/14/2017: Chapter 4 notes posted

2/9/2017: Exam I Review material posted

2/3/2017: Chapter 3 hw assigned (Due: Friday, 2/10/2017)

1/29/2017: Chapter 3 notes posted

1/26/2017: Chapter 2 hw assigned (Due: Friday, 2/3/2017)

1/25/2017: Tutoring hours posted

1/24/2017: Chapter 2 notes posted

1/15/2017: Welcome to Computer Science and Programming I for the Spring 2017 Semester! This page will be used to provide course material for CSC-210. Please see the links above for more information.

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