Bladder Cancer Biomarker Evaluation Tool (BC-BET)


Rapid evaluation of candidate diagnostic and prognostic gene expression biomarkers in 13 bladder cancer patient cohorts (N = 1454). BC-BET calculates how strongly a gene's expression is associated with tumor presence (distinguishing tumor from normal samples), tumor grade (distinguishing low- from high-grade tumors), tumor stage (distinguishing non-muscle invasive from muscle invasive samples), and patient outcome (e.g., disease-specific survival) in each cohort. BC-BET also allows for evaluation of methylation biomarkers in 4 cohorts (N = 271 samples), for distinguishing tumor from normal samples, and for expression analysis across 40 commonly used bladder cancer cell lines.

Usage and availability


Please cite: Dancik, G.M. An online tool for evaluating diagnostic and prognostic gene expression biomarkers in bladder cancer. BMC Urol 2015, 15:59.


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